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Easy chocolate & ginger viennoiserie

Easy chocolate & ginger viennoiserie

They also eat easily (perhaps too easily) at any time of the day but as with many pastries, they are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee!

A croissant dough flavoured with cocoa and ginger!

I love the combination of bitter dark chocolate and fiery ginger, so after an idea popped into my head (on the train of all places!), I decided to do another twist on croissants/pains au chocolat.

My idea this time was that I wanted the dough itself to have a chocolate and ginger flavour (courtesy of cocoa powder and ground ginger) as well as the more intense and gooey chocolate-ginger kick from the filling – coming unashamedly from dark chocolate and stem ginger!

I decided to shape these as for pains au chocolat, making several large ones, along with a few mini ones using some of the trimmings.


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